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Are you open to God not being a 'Him'?

not rlly no

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I will support you if you have 1 note or 100k notes on ur posts. That’s the kind of friend I am bc Your thoughts are valuable

I used to go to church and was very hurt by the pastors and people. They only kept in contact with me if I attended every Sunday. There's more to it, but I've fallen away. I miss church but I'm also living in sin and I'm struggling w/a lot of my beliefs. I still believe in God but have a hard time with the people who follow Him I suppose. Maybe that makes me a hypocrite for casting judgement, but I was hurt so badly. I don't trust anyone anymore.

hey friend! it’s ok because God is a God of second chances, third, fourth and 500209385959837288629993884577108 (but nothing more than that jk) chances. He adores you, He wants you to come back. He gave it all for YOU and for ME. I pray that the peace of Christ that surpasses all understanding will rest upon you. I pray that you will find forgiveness for them since Christ has forgiven You if you believe and accept Him. Just as He has grace for you, it is our job to have grace for others. He is close to the broken hearted, He binds up our wounds. 

About church, I think you should try out a new church or a few around your area and assess which is best. Ask the holy spirit to lead you, ask for His presence. It’s time to go back to Him. He loves you. Please feel free to ask off a non about any doubts, any struggles you have with your belief. I’m more than happy to go through verses with you and pray for you. 

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